Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Avoid Tax Rebate Scams

If you're in a rush to get a tax rebate, beware of con artists posing as IRS or Social Security officials. Scam artists target tax rebate checks shares how these impostors contact people via phone or e-mail requesting personal financial information (e.g. bank accounts, Social Security numbers) in order to expedite direct deposit of a tax rebate payment. The article notes, "For the record, the IRS will never ask for bank account or similar information over the phone or Internet."

For further, information see the IRS webpage on e-mail and telephone scams. The article reinforces that the "IRS does not contact taxpayers by phone to verify bank account information" and the "IRS does not send unsolicited, tax-account related e-mails to taxpayers." One can report suspicious e-mails and phone calls to IRS at phishing@irs.gov, using instructions from How to Protect Yourself from Suspicious E-Mails or Phishing Schemes.

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