Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rising Above The Noise

As many others are probably finding, our daily mail load has doubled with information from candidates running for public office. Sometimes, we get duplicates of the same mailing on the same day while some candidates use different literature to be mailed on different days. Most of this information gets thrown out seconds after being brought in to the house.

However, I did have interesting experiences with a couple of campaigns, where a volunteer or candidate knocked on our door to deliver the campaign information. The experience caused me to pause, listen to the person and read the literature. I also was impressed that the volunteer or candidate took the time to make door to door visits. In these cases, the visit caused me to give more thought to how to cast my vote.

This year's Presidential campaigns seem to have the quality of "rising above the noise," providing a great discussion for the upcoming election. I am much more engaged than I have been in any previous election. It seems more of America is more engaged also. I expect this broader engagement will create more accountability, no matter who is elected. That, in my opinion, would be a great start to a better future.

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