Thursday, June 19, 2008

Athletics and Kids

Today, I hit my personal best for nine holes of golf, 43 with four pars. I was pleased about the round and score since I've always been a duffer in golf. Afterwards, a friend and I were discussing how we see sports different than the kids of today.

While I am a great fan of kids playing sports, it seems sports has evolved to almost being a job for kids. When my friend and I played organized football, basketball or baseball, we did it for fun. Rarely did our parents chauffeur us to practice and games. Often, our parents didn't even watch the games. And if there wasn't organized sports, we'd play with our neighborhood friend in pick up games.

Today sports seems to carry much higher importance. For example, I know a number of kids that play and workout for a sport year round. When they are not playing for their primary team, they are playing for select traveling teams, participating in skills camps, or doing workouts on their own. In addition, parents invest significant time and money in the child's sports activities.

As our daughter starts participating in sports, I hope that she will learn, as we did, that athletic activities are primarily for fun. That way she won't become overly involved in one sport at the expense of many other opportunities in life.

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