Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a Great Day to Be Alive

"It's a great day to be alive," was one of our defensive backs favorite saying as we were having our grueling summer football practices. That's how I feel today. It's been a tough month, tough quarter and tough year and it's a great day to be alive. Here's why:

  • The stock market has been up three consecutive weeks. My prediction of a market decline last week was wrong. The Treasury toxic asset plan is creating confidence that the banks will recover. Last Thursday, the Dow closed 20% above its March 9, 2009, making the 13 trading day advance of 20% the fastest since 1938.

    While I don't think the bear market has ended, this rally has been a refreshing break from the constant stock market downtrend of 2009, which has been quite depressing.

  • Spring came early. We've had above average temperatures for the month of March. Several days in the 70s and a bunch of days in the 60s made this month unusually warm where we live. It was a great opportunity to get a head start on being outside, for enjoying our yard, being outdoors and using the grill.

    Over the last month, I've been able to take our four year old daughter bike riding several times and get a head start for her soccer lessons. Our spring flowers are starting to bloom. We've grilled out four times already. I may even get to break out the hammock soon.

  • Our house value may have declined 15%. OK, that's not the real good news. On Friday, we submitted an appraisal to the county real estate office requesting a reduction in the assessed value of our home. If the appraisal is accepted, our property taxes will be reduced by up to 15%, retroactive to 2008.

    At this point, we're not worried about the value of our house, since we don't plan to move in the near future. I fully expect our home price to recover in the next five years. In meantime , we hope to be able to refinance in the next year at a rate close to 4.5%.
  • Hopefully, next week will continue with good news, specifically a continuing market rally, and more warm days. However, we won't find out about whether the appraised value of our house is revised for a few months.

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