Saturday, August 28, 2010

The End of Summer Came Fast

Even though the season technically ends on September 22, the summer of 2010 is over for us. Here are our signs of the end of summer:

  • Start of school. In our area, schools usually start the last full week of August. Since our daughter will be attending kindergarten, she has a delayed start and will begin next week. As my daughter gets older, I expect our summer will end with the August practices that begin before school starts.

  • More traffic congestion. With the start of school, buses are making multiple stops on the back roads I like to use. As the local colleges ramp up, traffic congestion on our highways also increase.

  • Shorter hours or closings. Daylight hours are getting shorter. Recreation venues are reducing their hours and outdoor pools are closing on Labor Day weekend. Amusement parks are moving to weekend hours only.

  • Back to a weekday routine. Our summer consisted of a smorgasbord of activities and events for three months. Our daughter had four to five camps that cover sports, art and nature. We attended festivals, visited parks, participated in kid activities, and took weekday day trips. Now that our daughter will be attending school, special activities will be scheduled for the weekends.
  • This summer sure went by fast. Maybe because it's our daughter's last summer before school. Maybe, it's we were very busy but didn't do everything we wanted. Probably, it's just because I'm a lot older :-)

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