Thursday, November 25, 2010

Memories of Stuffing

When I was a child, I loved eating stuffing but it always seemed to run out too soon. Since my mom cooked stuffing by putting it inside a turkey, my solution was to ask for a bigger turkey. My parents humored me and kept getting a bigger turkey each year. One year they bought a 23 pound turkey and it barely fit into our oven. We ate turkey leftovers for quite a long time that year :-)

It wasn't until I in college that I realized that stuffing could also be prepared without putting into the turkey. Thus, the amount of stuffing was no longer limited by the size of the turkey. Large amounts of stuffing could be baked alongside the turkey to ensure I had sufficient stuffing for several days after Thanksgiving.

Finally, after starting my first job, a friend invited me to spend Thanksgiving with his family since I wasn't able to go home. They had one of the best stuffings I ever ate. The secret ingredient was sausage, and sausage stuffings are still my favorite.

Stuffing continues to be one of my favorite foods and I look forward to enjoying stuffing as part of the Thanksgiving meal.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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