Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Golf Won't by my Retirement Sport

Golf is often viewed at the premier retirement sport. It can easily be played by seniors and physical assistance can be provide by golf carts. However, after playing golf as a volunteer job, I've decided that golf won't be one of my retirement sports. Here are the reasons:

  • Too much time commitment - Based on my volunteer experience, I would need to play at least one time a week to be competent. A dedicated golfer I know thinks two to three times a week is needed. Nine holes of golf takes about 3 hours after I include driving time. In addition, I would need practice time and lessons. I just don't want to commit that much time, effort or mind space to a sport.

  • Cost is too high - For many sports, I can play almost for free after an initial investment. For example, I can play tennis for free at local park courts. I can jog or ride my bike for free in my neighborhood. I can also play pick-up basket ball (poorly) for free. However, golf costs about $20-$30 to play on the inexpensive public courses. It can be double or triple that amount on private courses. In addition, it costs $5 to $10 to practice on a driving range. Fortunately, the cost of a round and the cart are complementary in my volunteer job.
  • At this time, tennis is my retirement sport of choice. I can usually play on an ad hoc basis for no more that the cost of a can of balls. Even the neighborhood tennis league in which I play only costs $7 per night including the balls and a first round of beer. Also, playing tennis only requires an 1-1/2 hour time commitment to complete a couple sets.

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