Saturday, February 05, 2011

Building Client Loyalty

Several of my part time jobs involve working with clients on a one-on-one basis. While many clients don't uses a single provider, each year I have had more clients specifically request my services even though others are available sooner. This year, I have had the largest increase in clients requesting appointments only with me. Here's what I think I've done to build client loyalty:
  • Customize the product - While our company offers a standard product, I take additional time to understand each client situation and modify the offering to meet their needs. In addition, I anticipate what may be future needs and provide guidance on options.

  • Demonstrate value - During my meeting with clients, I show them my understanding of the product and demonstrate how that can benefit them. I explain the reasons for different options and clearly explain the benefits for the choices made.

  • Exceed expectations - Most of my clients leave with more than they expected from our service. For example, I may show them benefits that have been missed, handle a difficult issue, or explain how small changes can create benefits next year.
  • Overall, I believe the loyal clients are ones that trust me give top priority to what is best for them. Because the trust exists, the client asks specifically to see me when making an appointment. For next year, I hope create a base of at least 50 loyal clients that specifically request me for an appointment each year.

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