Thursday, February 03, 2011

Free Family Entertainment from Tony's Pizza

In 2010, Tony's Pizza offered free bowling coupons on the package. So for less that $2.50, I could get a frozen pizza and one game of bowling. Shoe rental was extra, but my spouse and I own bowling shoes making one game completely free for us, but not our daughter.

In 2011, Tony's Pizza is offering coupons for free admission to participating roller skating rinks. Skate rental is extra and no one in our family owns skates. However, a local roller skating rink has a special that includes admission and skate rental and is accepting the Tony's coupons for the session. Thus, for $6-9 (depending on weekly Tony's promotions), we can get three pizzas and three free roller skating session. Since the total cost of roller skating for our family is normally $15, I consider the Tony's Pizza coupons a great deal for family entertainment.

The idea of free family entertainment is a great idea. Usually, it's hard to find free promotions that appeal to everyone in our family. In case Tony's Pizza needs an idea, I'm hoping the next free coupon promotion will be for admission to an ice skating rink :-)

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