Friday, March 11, 2011

Enjoying the Benefits of Telecommuting

The interim executive director role that I have accepted allows me to work primarily on a telecommuting basis. Most of my interactions have been via e-mail and phone. This has worked well for me. Even though I'm working as many hours as last summer, I don't feel over committed or as stressed as last summer. I can work about 40 hours a week in this job and still easily work 15 to 20 hours per week in the other part-time jobs I am doing.

Here's what I think is the difference:

  • Commuting time. Last summer I had three jobs with a 20 mile round trip commute that I did five to six days a week. That required about an hour a day of driving time. Currently, my commute is no more than three miles round trip for my part time jobs. The executive director position has zero miles commute since I work from home over 90% of the time.

  • Time flexibility. With the exception of meetings, I can do my work anytime of the day (or night). I have flexibility to work around other commitments, whether they be other part-time work or personal. Also, I can easily take a break to handing personal matters. For reference, I am paid on an hourly basis. I can clock out whenever I need personal time.

  • Family flexibility. Since I am at home most of the time, I can able to cover responsibilities such as getting our daughter on or off the school bus or being available for a delivery or repair appointment. Also, I can assist my spouse whenever she requires help. Again, I just clock out when needed.
  • Best of all, I feel like I'm around my family most of the time. So I don't miss being with them if I have to work long hours. I'm already home and can take breaks to spend time with them.

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