Saturday, March 19, 2011

Focus on Being a Contributor

A mistake I've seen some new professionals make is to confuse "activity" with "contribution." Putting in time is not necessarily equivalent to making progress or making a difference. The difference between contribution and activity can be demonstrated in the words to describe the outcome.

Contribution is described by words which show direction or change: advanced, accelerated, progressed, or improved. For example, accelerating a schedule, advancing or progressing a project or improving a product are all contributions. Redirection in towards a better outcome is also a contribution.

Activity is described by words that show action but noe necessarily direction: studied, researched, completed or attended. For example, studying or researching a topic, completing a report or attending a meeting are all activities., but not necessarily contributions.

Of course, one can argue that most of work is really activity. True, and the challenge of work is to choosing the activities that will have a higher probability of creating contributions.

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