Friday, April 29, 2011

Enjoy Working with Clients

Since retiring I've worked at nine different part time jobs, which were very different from my previous career. The jobs I liked best were the ones where I could use my experience and leverage my strengths to work with a specific client of the business.  I get the most gratification from my job when I feel a client has benefited significantly from my interaction with them.

My seasonal financial services job and my tutoring job both fall into the category of client focused work.  I enjoy the one-to-one interactions and the ability to tailor a service for a specific person.  In both jobs, I'd like to develop a core group of returning clients that I enjoy working with and can provide outstanding service. My after school program teaching job also comes close to falling into this category.

As I look for other part time retiree job opportunities in the future, I will focus on client based types of work. 

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