Sunday, May 22, 2011

Un-Retirement Miscalculations

When I decided to un-retire for nine months, I initially expected there wouldn't be significant, unexpected disruptions to my retirement life.  The role allowed me to work from home and was expected to take 15-20 hours at the beginning and transition to 40 hours per week at the end.   I knew that the last few months were going to be a full time job and was prepared for that situation.   However, after three months, I've learned that I've made two miscalculations:
  • Way underestimated the initial time needed.   While I expected a 40+ hour workweek in the final three months, I thought I could start with 15-20 hours a week initially which would allow me continue my retirement lifestyle and activities for the first six months.  However, the 40 hour workweek started right away and has significantly impacted my ability to maintain non-work activities. 

  • Felt like I was always at work.    Since I was telecommuting, there was no difference between my home and office.  It was too easy to spend small amounts of time doing work since I was always "at the office." 

  • To correct for my miscalculations, I am starting a standard work week, i.e. Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm.   This will provide me the discipline of separating myself from the work by limiting most of my work effort between those times.  I expect this change to improve my work and non-work situation for the remaining time of my employment contract.

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