Friday, July 08, 2011

Choosing Time Over Money

Yesterday, I was explaining to someone how I was OK with my full time job ending in three months. Although, I could have accepted a permanent position, I decided to decline the offer.   The person commented, "You must not need the money."

Although, I said, "Not really," I  realize today that was the wrong answer.  We can always use the money.  More money is always helpful.   The real answer is that I want the time more.

I way underestimated the time for the job.   I thought I could do the work in about 20 hours a week.  It has been taking me about 40 hours a week, requiring that I work several six to ten hour a days each week.  That is more time commitment than I want to do.  I'm missing too many of the summer activities with my family, especially with our six year old daughter.   I've even postponed a summer vacation until next year :-(

So at the end of this assignment, I'll go back into retirement.  For now, having additional free time is more important to me.   Hopefully, I can continue working with the organization, but in a reduced capacity which can be done in 10 hours or less a week.  

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