Friday, July 29, 2011

Retiree Job Hunting Strategies

From my retirement in 2007 until late 2009, I had many more job rejections (5) than offers (1) .  Since late 2009  , I have been successful  in finding good part time jobs in retirement.  In fact, I have been too successful sometimes:-)   In hindsight, here are some job hunting strategies that worked:

  • Apply to companies that depend on skilled part time staff.    These companies won't have an issue with over qualified retiree applicants.  In fact, they are happy to have over qualified employees.  Also, these companies don't expect employees to have the same commitment as permanent full time staff.

  • Apply for jobs where a skill match is self evident.   Having an engineering degree and research career didn't help my application for a fast food job.  However, I'm sure the same experience helped me get a job in teach science and tutoring college prep exams.

  • Leverage connections.  This strategy continues to be true even for part time retiree jobs.  Two of my jobs resulted from contacts who offered me the job and another contact provided the connection to the hiring manager.  For reference, these were also the higher paying jobs.

  • These strategies have resulted in finding three seasonal part time jobs that I enjoy and a short term full time telecommuting job that will end by 2012. 

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