Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Timeless Articles from the Archives #49

It's been almost five years since I started My Wealth Builder. As I think about topics to write , I often remember, "I've written about that before," and decide to find a new topic. However, since many principles of personal finance are timeless, I want to include them in a recent post on My Wealth Builder. Therefore, I have started a series called "Timeless Articles from the Archives" which highlights posts from the same week in 2007-2010.


On Being a Landlord   - I would only want property that could be handled by a property management company and still make money.  Unfortunately, there aren't many properties that meet this criteria.

Home Maintenance Costs AND Planning For Them   -  Expect some major costs to maintain a home.

Did You Know?   - My conclusion is that the U.S. is falling behind fast.


My Best Money Decisions     -  Here are my top five.

Five Retirement Risks      -   Unfortunately, retirement isn't risk free.


The Obama Bait and Switch    -  I lost some readers over this article.  However, I still think President Obama is the master of bait and switch. The latest?  He ran as a Democrat, but lately he looking very ... well, Republican.

Article on Causes of Mortgage Foreclosure    -  A good reason for a 20% down payment.


Protecting Near Term Fund Needs      -  Now, we're protecting near term and longer term expense needs.

Determining Failure Points for our Retirement Savings - A good reminder for me to do this exercise again with our financial advisor.

 To me, the content of these posts are still relevant today and worth reading again.

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