Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Honeybee Hive

A cool thing happened in our yard this summer.

While looking at our trees one day, I saw something strange in the upper branches. It looked like a yellow fungus growing out of the branches. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a bunch of bees. For a moment, I thought is was a wasps nests. I was about to get the wasp spray and then I decided to look a little closer. The comb wasn't made of the paper material of a wasp's nest. It definitely appeared to be a wax comb and the bees appeared to honey bees.

I've never seen honeybees in the wild.  I've seen wasps and hornets' nests.  I've seen bumble bees and yellow jackets, but not their nests.  We've decided to leave the honey bees alone since honeybees seem to be mysteriously dying off.  For now, they aren't bothering us and no one is bothering them.  

We'll see how the hive survives through the winter.
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