Thursday, September 22, 2011

Protected Our Daughter's College Accounts

In early June 2011, I cashed out 2/3's of our daughter's mutual funds in her college accounts.   At my spouse's request, we kept 1/3 of the accounts fully invested in the mutual funds.  As it turned out, I sold off too soon.  The invested account gained enough in July to be 7% higher than the cash accounts.    It's too bad that we didn't sell the account invested  mutual funds at that point.   In August, the mutual fund account lost its 7% advantage and then some.  The invested account is now about 15% below the cash account.

The college accounts have a one time per year reallocation restriction.  So I won't be able to move back into mutual funds until 2012.  But given the current performance of the stock market, I think I can wait that long before reinvesting funds in the stock market.
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