Friday, September 16, 2011

Unsolicited Job Offers

A retired friend seems to have no trouble getting a job.  Since retiring, I think he has received an offer every time he has applied. 

He even gets offers for job for which he didn't apply.  Recently, I offered him a part time position with the non-profit in which I work.  (To note, I let the Board know of the potential conflict of interest and got their agreement before making the offer.)   I knew that he would be able to do the job with little training.   He has been a great asset to the organization.   I think he accepted the job partly as a favor to me, since he plans to resign when my employment term ends.

Today, my retired friend received another job offer from one of his other friends.    This time it's for a startup company.   His friend met him for lunch and made the offer.   My friend is thinking about accepting, even though he doesn't quite know exactly what the job is nor the pay rate yet.  He just knows it's flexible in hours and location of work.
I can understand why.   Every employer gets a great deal when they hire him.    My friend is smart, does excellent work and requires little supervision.  I wouldn't be surprised if he continues to receive unsolicited job offers :-)
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