Sunday, October 09, 2011

Occupy - Broadening Its Appeal

The Occupy Movement is an interesting populist expression of dissatisfaction. To build on President Obama's comment, not only the Republicans, but all politicians (including the President himself :-) need to pay attention. Here is how I think the Occupy can continue to gain momentum:

  • Cover 100%.   I think Occupy should represent 100% of Americans.  Singling out 1% seems to be non-inclusive and tends to vilify that small group.  After all, we are all facing this economic disaster together.
  • Choose the right 1%.  If Occupy wants to keep representing 99%, choose the another group to exclude.   To me, the 1% that should be excluded are career politicians.  Career politicians don't seem to get it.   There should be term limits to keep elected officials from holding the same office for multiple terms. 
  • Create distance special interest groups.  Organized labor's involvement in the Occupy movement will be polarizing.   To me, organized labor only represent the 11.9% of American, not 99% or 100%.  Occupy doesn't need organized labor or any other formal special interest group.  
  • Create distance from current politicians.  Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has tried to capitalize on Occupy Wall Street by expressing sympathy for the cause and giving a speech at the New York gathering. To me, all career politicians are part of the problem that Occupy is trying to address.
The Tea Party was a beginning.  Occupy continues the process.  Before long, Americans will take back the country from the career politicians who are no longer in touch with or governing for the people.

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Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that you support the occupy fools, who are largely a collection of Socialists, Marxists and Anarchists. I think you would find that these fools hate profits and despise Capitalism.

Super Saver said...

I support Occupy participants' rights to demonstrate peacefully and express their complaints. They've identified many of the issues but not the causes. Perhaps, I'm too optimistic since I think many individual participants will start to figure out the real cause of their problems.