Monday, October 17, 2011

Three Types of Mentors

A colleague of mine once explained that a person needed three mentors, not just one.   Here are the three types of mentors he described:
  • Career.  This is the type of mentor that most people consider.  This is someone that helps with career coaching, finding good assignments, and advocating within the organization.  This type of mentor is very important for career advancement.

  • Organization.  This type of mentor knows how to get things done within a company.  He can help with navigating the bureaucracy.   He can help identify key supporters needed.  This type of mentor is  important for getting work done effectively.

  • Expertise.  This type of mentor is a subject matter expert.  He can help with necessary knowledge in a career field.  This type of mentor is important for developing judgement credibility.  
  • When I was working, I primarily had a career mentor during my mid-career.  I didn't have the other two mentors.  When I heard my colleague's three types of mentors, the concept resonated with me.  I now share this three mentor concept with new professionals that have an interest in advancing their careers.

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