Thursday, October 06, 2011

Travelling Without a Cell Phone

Recently, I made a 9 hour drive for a conference.  Before the trip, when one of my colleagues found out I didn't have a cell phone, he commented, "And you're driving to the conference?"   His point was really, "What will you do if there's an emergency or the car breaks down?"   

My response was, "What did people do before cell phones existed?  They made the drive and they survived.  If there was an emergency, they got off at the nearest exit.   If they broke down, a passing motorist would help or they could walk to the next exit."    In all the long distance trips I have made, I have never (knock on wood :-)  had an emergency or breakdown.

As a last resort, I could always let someone with a cell phone report my issue.  Once when I came upon an accident with a minute of it happening.  I used a non-activated car phone to call 911.  (For reference, non-activated phones can still access 911.)   The operator informed me that the accident had already been reported.

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