Friday, November 04, 2011

Broke My Minimalist Clothing Rule

Three years ago,  I decided to cut way back on clothing purchases since I'm older and retired.   I figured I could use my existing clothing stock for at least 10 years and would probably only need athletic socks.  (After three years, I now  would add underwear to the likely list of needed items before 10 years. :-)
For the past three years, I've been pretty good at not making "unnecessary" clothing purchases.  So far, I've only purchased athletic socks and a couple sports shoes.   However, some clothing is wearing out faster than I expected.   In particular, wrinkle free khaki pants seem to only last a couple years before becoming "yard work" clothing.  Otherwise, I haven't even purchased underwear.

However, last week, I was at a end of season golf apparel sale.  I found a pair of golf shoes that were a perfect fit, which almost never happens for me.  Then I found a shirt with my spouse's college emblem on it.  The shoes were 25% off,  the shirt was 66% off and I received an additional 10% off.    So I was able to purchase everything for 20% less than the original cost of the shoes.

So I broke my boycott of buying unnecessary clothes since my current golf shoes should last a couple more years and I don't need another shirt, even with a college logo.  I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.  After all, I did hold back for three full years and actually, it feels good to have a new shirt in my wardrobe.  However, I still have the receipt and can return the purchases if I'm overcome by buyer's remorse.
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