Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prime Steaks in Grocery Stores

Prior to the Great Recession, I never saw Prime steaks in a regular grocery store.  As background,  the top grade of Prime (of 2.9% of the beef sold) was sold only to restaurants and hotels.   The typical quality of steaks sold in grocery stores was Choice or Select.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Prime beef has been available at Costco since the summer of 2009.  (Unfortunately, as with most Costco purchases, the steaks are sold in quantities than we would have for one meal.)  However, I didn't get around to buying prime steaks for over a year.  In the summer of 2011, I started buying Prime steaks periodically in our regular grocery store.

I don't expect the wide availability of Prime steaks to continue once the economy fully recovers.  So, in the near term,  I will continue make purchases of Prime beef for grilling to get restaurant top quality steaks for our everyday meals.
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