Monday, June 11, 2012

Not Claiming "Victory" Yet

"The solution to too much debt is not more debt." ~ Jim Rogers in a CNBC interview

Today's market decline was a complete surprise to me.  In my post I Don't Understand, I was dismayed that
  • Success is not used as a model.
  • Government is seen as all knowing.
  • All news is good news.
I fully expected the announced bailout of Spain to lead to a market rally since it met all three elements that I didn't understand. Therefore, I expect my long short portfolio to decline due to short position rallying higher than my long positions.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when the market reversed and my short position declines gave the portfolio one of its best gain days in the month I have been doing it.

Maybe, the market has figured out that more debt doesn't solve too much debt, that government is clueless on strengthening the economy, and that bad news is really bad news.   But I realized that one day does make a trend.  Also, I expect a bounce on Tuesday, so I will wait a couple weeks before claiming victory on predicting a market decline due to the EU crisis.

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