Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Want something? Ask for it.

Here is one of my top learnings from my career: Ask for what I want.   The worse that can happen is the answer is "no."   The best outcome is that my request is granted.   If I don't ask, then there is no chance of getting what I want.  This was one of the key coaching tips I gave new hires in training sessions.

This principle of asking for what I want also applies to personal finance.
  • Want a lower price?   Ask if the seller will take a stated price.   Or ask what is the seller's "best price?"  Individual sellers will usually come down in price.  Sometimes stores will also.  If not, the worst case is paying full price.

  • Want a discount?  Ask if there is a discount for cash, volume or forgoing a service that isn't needed.  Retailers will sometimes give a 2% discount for cash.  Again full prices is the worst case.

  • Want a raise?  Ask for one and provide data to support the request.   Best case is a raise. Worst case is the answer is no but it is an opportunity to start the discussion.

  • Want forgiveness of a financial penalty?  Acknowledge the mistake and request leniency, especially if it is the first time.  Best case is a partial or complete forgiveness.  Worst case is paying the full penalty.

  • Of course, asking is no guarantee of getting what is requested, but not asking is almost a 100% guarantee of not getting it.   So I always ask when I want something.

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    This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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