Saturday, October 20, 2012

Companies That No Longer Want My Business

Recently, I had some outrageously poor experiences with product customer service representatives.   They basically told me they didn't want my business any longer.   So I am going to comply with their wishes.  I'm going to stop using their product.
  • Company #1.  We recently received notice that a financial company required us to opt out of having our financial information shared with third party partners.  I was a little miffed at this request.  I feel that financial company should have us opt in versus opt out of such requests.   So I called, opted out and told him I was very disappointed in the policy.  I said it should be an opt in policy instead of an opt out policy.   His comment was basically that's the way it is and I could choose to not be a customer.   Then he immediately hung up and transferred me to the customer service survey, which I gave average to poor ratings.

    I'm surprised at the attitude and suggestion he gave to to a 26 year customer.   I guess the economy is getting better and the company doesn't need any more customers.  Or they consider me a "deadbeat" since I always pay my bills on time without incurring penalties and interest. 

  • Company #2. Last week, I couldn't find a product that I had been using regularly for the past two months.   I went to a couple stores and then searched the Internet.  No luck.   The product wasn't available.  

    I called the customer service number and the representative told me that the product is not available available. She explained the product unavailability was due to a competitor withdrawing a product in June.  I asked why didn't the manufacturer change to make the unavailable product, since there was available quantities of the flavored version but not the unflavored version.  She explained the company is trying to correct the problem and that I should check back periodically at the different stores.

    I told her I didn't have time to check back at stores.  Unfortunately, they would probably lose me as a loyal customer.  She didn't offer any solution.
  • I admit I sounded like an upset customer on both of these calls.  However, I still think that customer service representatives handle calls better than they did  :-(

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