Friday, October 19, 2012

Retiring from My Volunteer Job

I have one of the coolest volunteer jobs: playing with and assisting a handicapped golfer.  I get to play golf for free and I get credit for volunteering while playing golf.   However, I've decided to retire from this volunteer job after three years, primarily because it's become a "job."

Here's why it's become to much like working at a real job:

  • Priority.  The volunteer job was getting too high of priority, requiring scheduling my other activities around it.  Since I have a lot of flexibility, it wasn't that difficult to do.  However, over time it has become more of a burden as I have needed to pass on some activities I wanted to do.
  • Pressure.  At first, I didn't worry about how well I played golf.  I'm not a big fan of the game, so practicing and taking lessons wasn't part of my plan.  However, the longer I played, the more pressure I felt to become a better golfer, which is definitely not one of my goals in life.
  • Commitment.  The job has become a regular commitment.   Over the past year, I estimate we played in 45 out of the 52 weeks, since we had a moderate winter.   It had become something I "had to do" each week.
  • So I submitted my resignation, effective January 1, 2013.   However, I have worked with the volunteer coordinators and identified replacement volunteers so that the handicapped golfer can continue playing despite my "retirement."   Also, I've offered to be a sub, which would allow me to return to the level of flexibility I want.

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