Sunday, October 21, 2012

To Incumbents: You're Fired

Last summer, I decided to vote for change by NOT voting for any incumbents.   They will not be getting my vote this year, no matter their party affiliation.  However, my strategy does not guarantee the non-incumbent from the other major party will get my vote. 

Last night, I reviewed a sample ballot for my area and identified the current incumbents.  In some cases, I may vote for the non-incumbent from the other major party.  In other cases, I may vote for the candidate from a minor party if the candidate from the other major party does not meet my minimum standards.  Or I may choose to not vote for any candidate, if the other choices don't meet my minimum standards.

To incumbents, let there be no doubt about my vote, "You're fired."

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1 comment:

Brent said...

I'm with you. Even if I do like the incumbent, I think its a bad idea when someone becomes a career politician. They just get too comfortable and special interests get their hooks too deep.

I always find the "change" crowd funny because many of them espouse "change" but then vote for the same politicians that continue to milk the public for all we have.