Thursday, January 03, 2013

Healthy Eating - Back to the Future

When I was a child, my mom cooked our meals from scratch using mostly fresh vegetables. We hardly ever ate out and ready to eat dinners, called TV dinners were just being introduced. As kids we thought is was a treat to eat at McDonald's or have a TV dinner since we rarely did so.

After I graduated from college, I mostly ate prepared foods (canned, frozen, or pre-cooked) or ate out.  I rarely prepared from scratch, except for meat.  However, the effects of eating like this is starting to show some negative health effects. 

Now, we are again cooking from scratch and using mostly fresh vegetables, just like my mother did.  In addition, I am trying to eliminate added oils (no frying, no butter),  nuts/seeds and meats.   Fortunately, there are lots of good recipes nowadays for such a diet, which didn't exist when I was a child.  

I've been able to main this low fat vegetarian diet for three weeks now.  I sure take a lot of time (5 times more) to prepare meals.   But the health benefit is worth it.

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