Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Ready for the Sequester Implementation

Surprisingly, I have heard as much blaming for the sequestration, especially with it being only a few days away.   Maybe, I've become jaded to the political posturing.  Maybe, the politicians are working together on a solution.   Maybe, a 2.4% spending reduction just doesn't really matter, even though the White House has implied that essential (instead of non-essential) services would be cut first.

My main interest is in the potential impact of sequestration on the stock market.   At this point, I don't know whether sequestration will be a positive or a negative.  So I'm just going to guess the effect will be negative and continue to sell my stocks that are doing well and wait for a near term buying opportunity.

For reference, my batting average for being correct on an event driving market direction is less than 50%.  So contrarians may want to take the opposite view  :-) 

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