Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Stay-at-Home Parents and Work Ethic

I grew up in a single income family with one stay-at-home parent.   My spouse also had the same situation for part of her childhood, with her mom returning to work when the children were older.   Our daughter started with one stay-at-home parent and moved to two stay-at-home parents when I took early retirement in 2007.

While I think two stay-at-home parents has some advantages, I do worry a little about my daughter knowing the situation is not the norm.  I have explained to her that most families have one working parent and some families have two working parents.  I also have explained to her that it will be important for her to work and have a career as an adult.

 Both my spouse and I have done part time seasonal jobs while retired.  So our daughter has seen both of us work, although not continuously in full time jobs.  (I was working full time until our daughter was three years old, but I doubt she remembers much of my time in that job.)  I've also started giving my daughter small "jobs" in which I pay her for tasks outside her normal chores.

At this point, my plan is to be not working any wage jobs in 2014.   So it will be important for us to continue developing a good work ethic for our daughter.
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