Monday, July 22, 2013

Becoming a Great Employee

"Commit to a challenging outcome and then deliver." ~ former boss on doing well at work.

I always remembered this advice for my own career.  I also learned that good employees will stay employed and get average to slightly above average salaries. However, great employees will have superior salaries and often be considered for promotion..

In my experience, good employees typically do excellent work, but don't necessarily take responsibility for the outcome.  Great employees also do excellent work, and also take full responsibility to deliver the business outcome that's needed.  Often, great employees will even set the direction for both the outcome and the work to be done.

For me, once I learned to differentiate between the performance of a good and great employee, I was able to focus on the elements of being a great employee.

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1 comment:

bhavya said...

And what about sucking up?

The GREATEST employees do that too.