Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Wealth Builder Carnival #144

Welcome to the one hundred forty-fourth edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival. The purpose of this carnival is to collect articles from the blogosphere on building, preserving and keeping enough wealth for a comfortable retirement. For reference, I have tried to keep the carnival content tightly focused on wealth building and did not include submissions that were off topic. For reading convenience, the posts are listed with a brief summary or comment by the submitter and organized into seven categories: Earning, Insuring and Protecting, Investing, Living Frugally, Retiring, Saving and Taxes.

And now on to the Carnival.


Jon Rhodes presents You CAN Sell Affiliate Products WITHOUT A Website! posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, "This article shows you how you can earn money online with a website or blog."

Insuring and Protecting

Gary presents Second To Die, Survivorship Life Insurance - An Estate Planning Tool posted at MyLifeInsuranceQuotes123.com, saying, "Life insurance is most often thought of as a means for income replacement for heirs and beneficiaries, but how can you best leverage the benefits of life insurance for estate planning? Have you learned the advantages of setting up an irrevocable life insurance trust? What about a special needs child trust or wealth replacement trust? Here is a guide to walk you through the characteristics and uses of second to die (also known as survivorship) life insurance."


Bryan Chau presents Strategies For Becoming A Value-A-Bull Stock Investor posted at Success Pen Pal, saying, "stocks, equities, value investing, strategies, success, business, work-at-home, investors, money, passive income, capital gains, etc."

Living Frugally

Matt Becker presents Buying a Car: How to Negotiate With the Dealers posted at Mom and Dad Money, saying, "Check out my exact step-by-step process for negotiating a killer price on your next car. The best part: it can all be done through email!"

John Schmoll presents 6 Flea Market Shopping Tips That Will Help You Save Big posted at Frugal Rules, saying, "Going shopping at a flea market can be great entertainment as well as a way to save money on certain items. If you’re creative, you can be frugal and save some money on items you may need for your home."

Gary presents Benefits of Green Tea posted at Gajizmo, saying, "The benefits of drinking green tea cannot be overstated – studies have shown health benefits throughout the body. But have you ever considered taking that a step further and realizing how a $1 tea bag can save you thousands in healthcare costs? If green tea can lower the chances of cancer, reduce tooth decay, protect against heart disease, and generally detoxify the body, the benefits of drinking green tea can be in the hundreds of thousands in terms of medical bills!"

Janet Golovine presents 21 Blogs with Tips for Making Halloween Cards posted at Become A Nanny, saying, "Instead of sending out store-bought Halloween cards this year, why not make your own? Doing so will not only save you money, it will also provide a fun, festive craft for the kids to do."

David Thompsonn presents The Risks of Buying Used Car Seats posted at Backup Care, saying, "One of the risky items to purchase secondhand is a car seat, a piece of equipment so essential that it must be in place and properly installed before you’ll even be allowed to take your baby home from the hospital."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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