Saturday, November 09, 2013

Just ACA Everything

"How can anyone be expected to pay $13,000 a year for health insurance?" ~ statement by supporter of Affordable Care Act

This argument seems to resonate among supporters of government entitlement programs: if someone can't afford something, the government will provide it.   So why stop with health care?  Here are some other ACA programs for "basic needs" that the President Obama can introduce during his second term.
  • Affordable Car Act -  I guess I should wonder how anyone can be expected to pay $25,000 for a car or $50,000 for an electric car.   People making under a certain amount will qualify for Caraid, and have their car payments fully covered.  Cash for Clunkers was just the beginning.

  • Affordable Cell Act - Cell phone plans are getting expensive, over a $100/month for a smartphone with data usage.  This would expand the Lifeline program that currently serves over 12 million customers.

  • Affordable Clothing Act - This would give people access to designer wardrobes that have become the standard for many people. 

  • Affordable Cuisine Act -  Eating out at fine restaurants should be available to every one instead of only those that can afford to pay the bill.  Subsidy vouchers will reduce the cost to the level of eating at a fast food restaurant.

  • Affordable Condo Act - Rent is very expensive also.  People need a certain level housing, which many cannot afford

  • Affordable Child Act - Children are expensive and income should prevent people from having them.   This would replace the Earned Income Tax Credit.

  • Affordable College Act - Higher education is expensive, as is evident from the current student loan crisis.  This would replace the current government grant and student loan programs.

  • Of course, all these programs will be paid for by a 100% tax on the rich, who need to keep earning to support these programs.  

    President Obama will be remembered as the Affordable President.

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    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Where's the better alternative?

    Health care is consumed by people who can't afford it (usually the uninsured). It's paid by those who can (the insured).

    Insurance itself is socialistic with the healthy paying for the catastrophically ill. But at least it's the responsibility of the consumer to buy it.