Thursday, January 05, 2017

Searching for Pirate (and Other) Treasures

For Christmas, I received a metal detector, which I wanted to get when I was kid.  While I don't think I'll find much using it, I thought it might be fun to do with the kids occasionally.

Here are some of the searches that I plan to do:
  • Legend has it that a pirate buried gold at a park near the river many years ago.  I've applied for and received a permit to use a metal detector in the park.   In addition, this park is the site of several festivals and music performances, which may yield other finds.
  • Fourth of July festivals.  I'm guessing people are always dropping loose change at such events.  While we won't get rich, it will be fun to find a few coins.
  • Cross country meets.  Several parks host cross country races from multiple schools.   
  • Yards of older houses.  Apparently, old coins from previous residents are normally found. We used to live in a house from 1919, but now we live in one from 1988.
Earlier this week, we did a dry run at a picnic area in the park.   We learned that buried finds and hard to locate and are usually worthless (e.g. pull tab).   So I think we will focus on surface items, that may have been recently dropped.

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