Friday, October 23, 2009

The Ages of Being Carded

When I was a teenager, I couldn't wait to be older. At 16 I could drive, at 18 I could drink, and at 21 I was considered an adult everywhere. Even though I was an adult, I was still carded for many years because of my youthful appearance. I was 30 the last time I was carded and found it a little annoying.

Nowadays, I wish someone would flatter me and ask for my ID :-) I never get carded anymore, even at places that claim to card everyone. When I go through the grocery self checkout lines, the attendant authorizes my wine purchase after barely looking at me. The same is true whenever I go to a bar or nightclub, the bouncer waves me in with barely a glance.

However, I am definitely not looking forward to the next phase of being carded again, the Senior Citizen Discount. Although I have retired, I am still many years away from qualifying age for the discount. I am not psychologically ready to be a "Senior," especially since we have a five year old daughter. For now, I guess I should just be happy that I am at an age of no longer being carded :-)

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1 comment:

Lulu said...

I get carded all the time as I also have a youthful appearance and I am short. Go to Walmart and try to buy some cough syrup and you will get carded in no time....happens to me all the time (I am a teacher and constantly get colds etc from my students). Hee hee.