The Wealth Builder Carnival

The Wealth Builder Carnival is a weekly collection of blog articles about building, preserving and keeping enough wealth for a comfortable retirement.  The goal of the Carnival is present a collection of quality blog posts on the topic of wealth building in the following categories:
  1. Earning -  For many, a job is the major source of income.   Therefore, earned income is a significant contributor to wealth building.  This category includes topics such as jobs, raises, promotions, sources of income, and career strategies.
  2. Saving - As they say, it's not what earned, it's what kept.  Articles about emergency funds, college savings accounts and saving strategies are appropriate for this category.
  3. Investing - Growing savings is an important element of building wealth.  This category covers a broad range of investment opportunities:  stocks, bonds, CDs, precious metals, and real estate.
  4. Insuring and Protecting - Using insurance to protect wealth that has been accumulated.  This category can also include financial security topics. 
  5. Living Frugally - Lifestyle can be an important factor in wealth building and preservation.  Articles on spending less, living below one's means, and getting lower prices are included in this category.
  6. Retiring - Being able to live on savings and retirement funds.  IRAs, pensions, 401Ks, estate planning, and retirement lifestyle are some topics for this category.
  7. Taxes - Pay the minimum owed and keep more money.  Tax planning or tax minimization strategies are the main topics for this category.
Submissions will be judged and accepted based on relevance to Wealth Building and the categories listed above.  While recent posts are the norm, older posts of high quality will be considered.  One submission per blog/author. Please select a category and include a brief summary or comment in the remarks section.

Each week's host will have the final decision on which posts to include.

To submit an article, use the Blog Carnival submission form .

This Carnival does not offer financial or wealth building advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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