Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Enjoying the Market Rally

"Rule #1: Never lose money." ~ Warren Buffett

I have stopped trying to reconcile the disconnect between the stock market and the looming economic crisis.   Instead, I am now accepting that we are in a new bull market and enjoying the investment gains.  I expect the rally and gains will be sustainable until the election, and perhaps even longer.  Thus, I am holding the majority of our positions to experience a gain from the rally.

However, I remain cautious and continue to be skeptical.   During this rally, I am putting only limited additional funds into few stocks, specifically precious metal ETFs. eg. SGOL, and a few select tech stocks, e.g. ESTC and FSLY .   These will be speculative trading positions rather than long term holds.  In addition, I will try to sell off some of the beaten up energy and REIT stocks I bought in March 2020.

With this approach, we will be ready for the next market decline, whenever that occurs.

Disclosure: At the time of posting, we owned shares of SGOL.

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