Saturday, May 21, 2022

Higher Education Scam

For most students, a college education is not worth the cost they paid.

First, very few people can get a good paying job, i.e. support a family, with just a bachelor's degree in their major.   

Second, student loan debt payments far exceed what can be comfortably paid with a salary from an entry level job.

Third, the institutions that encourage the student to take or provide the loan have no vested interested in whether the student is able to pay back the loan.

Perhaps the government ought to pause the student loan program and address these issues before restarting the making student loans.

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Stock Market No Longer in Easy Mode

Since the bottom in March 2020 until December 2021, the stock market was a money printing machine.   The overall market, especially growth stocks, only went up.   That ended with the start of 2022.

At first, I thought the market bottomed in late January, 2022.   I put additional funds in a Roth managed account.  That account is now down 16%.  In March 2022, I though the market had bottomed again and put additional funds into taxable managed account.   That account is now down 11%.    We have lost all of our gains from 2021 and starting to lose some gains from 2020.

At this point, I am making small trades based on earnings and make small buys on the dips and selling into the rallies.  Currently, I expect the market decline to continue for several more months, unless there is a major catalyst event to the upside, e.g. Russia ceasing the war with Ukraine.   In the meantime,  I am waiting for a further 10-20% drop before making any further large infusion of funds into stocks. 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Changing Car Rental Prices

Recently, I reserved a rental car for a trip a couple months in advance.   Before the trip, I checked the rental car prices and found that I could change to a lower price, for exactly the same rental period.   It seems that car rental prices change on a daily basis.   Several times, I was able to reduce our rental cost by $20 and up to $200 from the same rental car company.   It was worth checking every few days and learning if I could get a lower price.

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Sunday, May 08, 2022

Going to the Dark Side

After an unsuccessful stint at shorting stocks in 2012, I started shorting stocks again in the past two week.  So far all but one of my shorts have been successful.   I expect the one unsuccessful short to become profitable this week, if the market continues its downward trend.

Here's what seems to be working:
  • Find stocks that have earnings reports during the week.
  • From that list, choose the high growth stocks. 
  • Choose stocks with higher prices, about 100 or higher.
  • If there is an up day, short a few stocks.  I usually choose 2-3.
  • On a down day, OK to short if it is the first down day.
  • Close out immediately if stock drops after earnings as soon as possible, even in pre market or after hours.
  • If the stock goes higher, I will hold for a few more days and may even short additional shares at a higher price.
So far, I have shorted AMZN, NET, DASH, SQ, ROKU and PYPL before earnings.   I shorted FB when it popped after earnings.    Most have fallen within a day, sometimes hours, after shorting.   Some fell by as much as 15%.   At this point ROKU is the only position in which I am losing money.  I could have closed it for 1.5% gain, but got greedy and waited for it to fall further, which it never did.   

To note, I am usually only shorting 1 share since I am learning.   Occasionally,  I will sort an additional share if the stock goes higher, as in the case of ROKU.

This week, I am considering shorting COIN, which has earnings after hours on Tuesday.  I will definitely short COIN if the market rallies on Monday, but a rally looks unlikely based on the current futures.

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Thursday, May 05, 2022

Signal 30 Film for Potential Borrowers of Student Loans

When I took Driver's Ed in High School, we were shown a 30 minute film titled Signal 30.   It was produced -1959 by the Mansfield, OH police highlighting the severity of accidents when not driving safely.  Although it seemed extreme and unlikely, I remember thinking I never want to be in one of those accidents.

IMO, a similar type film ought to shown to potential student loan borrowers.  The film should feature the many student who complain that student loans have prevented them from a lifestyle they desired:  buying a house, getting married, having kids, taking vacations etc.   They also can talk about how they often have to make choices between food/rent and paying their student loan.

After watching this film, potential borrowers should be show what they can expect to earn after college and how much they will have to pay towards student loans before their other living expenses.  Students can then determine if they will be another story in the movie or if the loan will be worth it.

However, no higher education institution will do this since a majority of students would likely decide to not take the loan. That would reduce the number students able to attend college.   Conflict of interest.

 And if they do take the loan, they will know there won't be any forgiveness if they end up like students in the movie.

The mantra for student loans should be:  Just Don't.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Forgiving Student Loans Rewards Poor Financial Decisions

"In politics, stupidity is not a handicap."  - Napoleon Bonaparte

AOC's latest comment on forgiving student loans, to those that paid off their loans:  "We can support things that we don't directly benefit from."   That is true.  But taxpayers shouldn't be asked to support the voluntary financial stupidity of others, whether they be individuals, banks or car companies.  

Here's the irony of AOC requesting that her own student loans be forgiven.   Even though AOC owns a earns $174,000/year, owns a Tesla and maintains two residences, she has chosen not to make regular payments on her approximately $19,000 outstanding student loan.   She just continues to advocate for $50,000 student loan forgiveness, which would benefit her.

Sorry, anyone that can afford a Tesla doesn't need me to support forgiving their student loan debt.

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