Thursday, May 05, 2022

Signal 30 Film for Potential Borrowers of Student Loans

When I took Driver's Ed in High School, we were shown a 30 minute film titled Signal 30.   It was produced -1959 by the Mansfield, OH police highlighting the severity of accidents when not driving safely.  Although it seemed extreme and unlikely, I remember thinking I never want to be in one of those accidents.

IMO, a similar type film ought to shown to potential student loan borrowers.  The film should feature the many student who complain that student loans have prevented them from a lifestyle they desired:  buying a house, getting married, having kids, taking vacations etc.   They also can talk about how they often have to make choices between food/rent and paying their student loan.

After watching this film, potential borrowers should be show what they can expect to earn after college and how much they will have to pay towards student loans before their other living expenses.  Students can then determine if they will be another story in the movie or if the loan will be worth it.

However, no higher education institution will do this since a majority of students would likely decide to not take the loan. That would reduce the number students able to attend college.   Conflict of interest.

 And if they do take the loan, they will know there won't be any forgiveness if they end up like students in the movie.

The mantra for student loans should be:  Just Don't.

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