Friday, March 12, 2010

Top Three Things to Like about (Early) Retirement

I took early retirement in my forties almost 2 1/2 years ago, in October, 2007. Even with the economic crisis that ensued, I have no regrets. In fact, I've enjoyed retirement very much so far. Here are my top three things to like about retirement:

  • Shorter and less stressful commutes. For all of my part time jobs, I drive outside of rush hour times. I no longer experience the routine traffic backups on the highways and major streets, which turned a 12 mile trip into a 45 minute commute.

    In addition, for two of the jobs, I commute less than three miles round trip. For another two, I commute less than 10 miles round trip. The fifth job has a twenty mile round trip commute, which may make me regret taking it. However, it has some good perks, and may lead to a similar part time job that is within 5 miles.

    Nowadays I can't believe that I used to tolearate about 1 to 1-1/2 hours commuting every day for work.

  • Trying out new jobs and careers. For 27 years, I invested tremendous effort into being better at what I did, including taking extensive training, creating development plans, and being evaluated annually. As a result, my focus became narrower and narrower.

    Since retiring, I've been trying out new careers, in the financial, education and public service fields. It has been a fun experience, and for which I have been paid :-)

  • More quality time with family. For me the best part of retirement is having the flexibility to spend time with my family. I am, able to attend all of our daughter's events, even those during the school. In addition, I can spend time alone with my spouse at least four to eight times a week, while our daughter is in school or at play dates.

    Best of all, I can take a vacation any time and for any length that is convenient for our family. And no working during vacation to minimize the catch up effort when returning.
  • Of course, there are other things I like about early retirement, including more sleep, more exercise and healthier eating. However, these don't yet rank as high as my top three.

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