Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Timeless Articles from the Archives #15

It's been over four years since I started My Wealth Builder. As I think about topics to write , I often remember, "I've written about that before," and decide to find a new topic. However, since many principles of personal finance are timeless, I want to include them in a recent post on My Wealth Builder. Therefore, I have started a series called "Timeless Articles from the Archives" that will highlight posts from the same week in 2006-2009.


How Much to Save for Your Child's College Education - For us, our calculated value is about $10,000 per year.

Developing My Will to Avoid Debt - Here is the mind hack I use.

Paying Off a Home Mortgage Earlier - This was my analysis of the reduction time versus the increase in monthly payment.

Adoptions – Tax Credits and Income Exclusions - Adoption can expensive and tax credits can help reduce the cost.

My Top Ten Financial Reasons to Be Thankful - From Thanksgiving 2006.


Capitalizing On The Internet Revolution - The agricultural, the industrial and now the Internet Revolution.

Avoiding Wash Sales While Taking Losses For Stock Investments - The IRS won't let investors buy stock within 30 days of selling the same stock for a loss. Here's how I avoid the issue.

Giving Thanks To My Parents - I'm glad I able to say "thanks" to my parents.

Our Journey To Financial Freedom #8 - My Personal Finance Mind Tricks - The eighth in the financial freedom series.


Inflation or Deflation - What's Next? - I decided to buy TIPS as a hedge against inflation


What We Learned from the Financial Crisis - The financial crisis of 2008 to 2009 has helped us clarify our thinking on our retirement investments.

Not Aging Gracefully - Getting old definitely isn't for wimps :-)

I Believe these Events are Inevitable - Out of four predictions, one has happened and the other three are still possible.

Why I Don't Shop on Black Friday - Nor will I shop on Thanksgiving day in 2010.

To me, the content of these posts are still relevant today and were worth reading again.

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Mama-mia said...

Yours is an amazing blog. really love it. I will be going through your "how you prepared for your retirement" bit next.