Thursday, November 29, 2012

Choosing the Harder Right for a College Major

Back when we were in our teens, my spouse and I chose college majors that would lead to a good paying job.  My spouse would have enjoyed majoring in Journalism, but chose Food Science instead, even though it was a much tougher curriculum.   I chose Engineering because I knew the degree would lead to a well paying job.   Despite graduating in poor job markets in the 80s, both of us were able to get jobs right away.  Also, we both were able to pay off our student loans in the 10 year payback period.

We are trying to instill these same perspectives in our eight year old daughter. A college education should be part of her wealth building plan. Given the current high expense, college is the opportunity to get an education that leads to a higher paying job, not to just get a general education. 

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Brent said...

I absolutely agree with this. I know too many people who were, for lack of a better word, duped into choosing a major they enjoyed over one that prepared them for making a living. I say duped because many of them met professors who were passionate about their work (otherwise, why would you be a professor?) and told them to "follow their dreams." Of course, it's not the professors' fault for advocating fields that they love, but college students aren't always thinking straight, especially about their future.

Nothing wrong with choosing a major that will earn you a good living and choosing a minor (or just taking some side classes or dropping in on a few lectures) in topics you find interesting.