Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Frustrating Investing Year

2015 has been a very frustrating year for my investing.  The markets have been ambiguous and directionless. The indices have been seesawing all year, neither breaking out to new highs or falling o new lows. In addition, my company stock has fallen about 18% after hitting new highs in 2014.

My strategy of buying beaten down dividend paying stocks has lead to the purchase of several energy stocks, which unfortunately have fallen further.   The only highlight is the 4-8% dividend these stocks pay, if the dividend is maintained.   A dividend cut would only add to my frustration.

My last frustrating year was 2012, which was followed by a significant market advance in 2013.   However, my previous frustrating year was 2008, which was followed by a further large drop in early 2009.  It's not clear to me which will follow 2015, but right now I feel a negative outcome is more likely.

If there is a significant year end rally, I may take the opportunity to sell off some positions for a profit.  Otherwise, I will wait for a significant drop in the market to put more funds back into equities.
More than likely, the market will continue to be frustrating and not allow me to do either.

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