Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Personal Finance Carnivals to Read

The current editions of three Carnivals I regularly read, the Carnival of Personal Finance #70, the Carnival of Debt Reduction #57, and the Festival of Frugality #44 are up and running at Make Love, Not Debt, My New Choice, and Free Money Finance, respectively. There are a number of excellent posts on all three Carnivals.

For those new to the concept, Carnivals are a great smorgasbord of ideas, discussions, and experiences submitted by bloggers on a specific topic area, in this case, Personal Finance. As with any smorgasbord, there are some new and novel items that will delight and many items that one has already experienced. In any case, you will be exposed to a greater variety of posts than in any one blog. Hope you find this week’s Carnivals as interesting as I did. Enjoy!

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