Saturday, April 14, 2007

Carnival Highlights For The Week #9

Here are the Carnivals from this past week that I am reading :

The Investors Blog Network (IBN) Festival #4 is organized by My Wealth Builder.

My Carnival choice is Save Time with the Stock Market Search Engine by Investors Trip. The Stock Market Search Engine (SMSE) was created because of frustration with links unrelated to the stock in Google Search. The SMSE solves this problem because the search index lists only websites that are related to the stock market.

In addition, the portfolio by the Investors Blog Network for the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is shared. As of April 13, 2007, the portfolio is worth $1,058,000 and is in the top 21% of contestants. The current leader has $2,860,000.

The Tax Carnival #16 is hosted by Don't Mess With Taxes.

My Carnival pick is 7 Tips On Claiming Your Tax Deductions for Business and Charitable Contributions at The Digerati Life. For those of you still doing tax returns (like me), here are a few additional tips on deductions, especially if there is a business involved.

The article reminded me that business owners get a number of deductions that employees do not. The tax breaks can help a lot when running a business.

The Festival of Frugality #69 is at The Digerati Life.

My Carnival selection is Right Turns And Other Simple Tips To Save Money And Environment by Money, Matter and More Musings, which highlights 51 saving tips from Time Magazine.

An excellent tip is making right turns to go to and get back from one's destination. It can save a lot of time and gasoline over the long term. I'll be trying this tip on my errands this weekend.

I hope you enjoy reading these Carnivals and finding ideas you can use.

Check back on Saturday for the next Reflections and Musings segment.

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