Sunday, April 01, 2007

Will Blog for Food

My Wealth Builder is currently supported by advertising and monetary donations. Beginning today, we are offering another way for readers to support My Wealth Builder - food donations. Please consider contributing at one of the following levels to support My Wealth Builder.

  • Fruit or Vegetable - Will support one update to the sidebars and title sections. This ensures readers will get the most up to date links to great personal finance blogs. This level of support ensures that the technical staff (me) gets sufficient vitamins during the arduous task of updating HTML code.
  • Six Pack of Soft Drinks - Will support one day of insightful and educational personal finance articles. Soft drinks (preferably caffeinated) provide the energy needed to stay up late and create the content readers love.
  • Six Pack of Adult Beverages - Will support a humorous and insightful article about personal finance transgressions. This level of support generally removes any inhibitions I have on sharing past mistakes. Additional six packs will lead to more humorous, and less coherent articles:-)
  • Steaks, Roasts, and Ribs - Will support one week of My Wealth Builder delivered daily over the Intranet. I write best after a good meal. This level will provide sufficient calories to support a week's worth of articles in one sitting.
You may send your donations c/o Super Saver at this Internet address. For more details about the Will Blog For Food donation program, please read this article. We appreciate any donations you can make.
If you would like to find out how your organization can get food donations over the Internet, please check here for additional details.

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Photo Credit:, Scott M. Liddell

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You so crazy, lol

Dimes said...

Do you accept paypal, or will I have to resort to Google Images :-)

Super Saver said...


Glad you enjoyed the post.


There is a new service called tele-pal that teleports food to the receiver. I am looking forward to my first steak:-)

Anonymous said...

LOL...I did read the heading on April 1st and bookmarked this post to read later. So technically, I did join the ranks of Lirpa Sloof. :)