Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Summer Entertainment - Sprinkler Time

I'm sure many readers have experienced a child receiving a gift and then having the child more interested in the box than the present. I have a video clip of our daughter doing exactly that with one of her first presents. The present was a colorful, activity rich stroller attachment to made rides less boring. After briefly looking a the toy, she focused on the package and began inspecting it in detail.

Recently, I had a similar experience with a summer activity. Our daughter loves water. She enjoys baths, playing in the sink and being in the rain. This summer, we purchased an annual membership at a local water park, thinking it would be the ultimate in activities.

However, I soon learned that there are alternate, and inexpensive, forms of outdoor water entertainment. Earlier this month, I was watering our lawn and I asked our daughter if she wanted to play in the sprinklers. Of course, the answer was yes and we put on her bathing suit. She played for over an hour in the sprinklers and had every bit as much fun as at the water park. The only cost was the water, which was going to be spent anyway.

Although I'm sure we'll get our money's worth from the water park membership, it may be one we let expire next year.

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