Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Feel Better After Seeing My Doctor

Last month, I went to my doctor to have physical examination and to check out my foot and ankle pain. I've been avoiding going to the doctor primary because I've had a history of ankle injuries due to football and they have always healed without any medical attention. Also, since I'm from the old school of playing through pain, I've continued to play tennis in a league and casually.

Since the ankle has not stopped bothering me for a while, I thought is was time to check with my doctor. However, it seemed to get better just before the appointment, and a month later, it seems 90% healed, without any medical intervention. As frequently happens, my symptoms seem to improve with just the act of seeing my doctor.

I sometimes wonder why this is so. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Change in actions. My typical action with pain is to rest and let it heal. However, after making the appointment, I started to make additional interventions, such as taking aspirin or vitamins, to help reduce inflammation.
  2. Positive thinking. The collective good thoughts by my doctor and me enabled my pain to be healed.
  3. Coincidence. Although slow, the ankle was due to be healed after about a year. It was already happening when I went to my doctor.

I suspect the cure was due to a little bit of all three:-) I have been remiss in exercise and therapy for the past couple years. However, recently I've decided that my physical fitness was declining noticeably and took actions to become more motivated to exercise. In addition, I have been more diligent about taking my vitamins and aspirin, when needed. These, plus a dose of positive thinking, have probably helped my ankles and feet feel better.

So now, I am scheduling quarterly visits with my doctor to improve me health :-)

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